From the 195 participants from private and public schools, four gold and a bronze medal were awarded to students of Northern Marianas International School in the 2014 Island-wide STEM Fair held at Marianas High School last March 15,2014.

1st grader Simon Daniel Tang's experiment on Battery Life under Technology and Engineering, 2nd grader Redge Palma's project about metals as good conductors of electricity, 4th grader Radge Palma's rubber band powered car, and Kristine Fajardo's mathematics and beauty all received gold medals. Kristina Crisostomo a 6th grader got a bronze for her Fire Triangle project.

Coaches Roy Dolon and Rosalie Habijan were so proud of the turn out of the event because out of the seven participants under their tutelage five got the major awards. The NMIS coordinators for the STEM Fair are Jener Pineda and Rosalie Habijan.