Language Arts K

I. Listening and Speaking
A. Classroom Discussion
B. Presentation of Ideas and Information
C. Comprehension and Discussion of Read-Alouds—All Texts
D. Comprehension and Discussion of Read-Alouds—Fiction, Drama, and Poetry
E. Comprehension and Discussion of Read-Alouds—Nonfiction and Informational Text

II. Reading
A Print Awareness
B. Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
C. Phonics: Decoding and Encoding
D. Oral Reading and Fluency
E. Reading Comprehension—All Texts

III. Writing

IV. Language Conventions
A. Handwriting and Spelling
B. Parts of Speech and Sentence Structure
C. Capitalization and Punctuation

V. Poetry
A. Mother Goose and Other Traditional Poems
B. Other Poems, Old and New

VI. Fiction
A. Stories
B. Aesop’s Fables
C. American Folk Heroes and Tall Tales
D. Literary Terms

VII. Sayings and Phrases

History and Geography K


I. Geography: Spatial Sense

II. An Overview of the Seven Continents


I. Geography

II. Native American Peoples, Past and Present

III. Early Exploration and Settlement
A. The Voyage of Columbus in 1492
B. The Pilgrims
C. July 4, “Independence Day”

IV. Presidents, Past and Present

V. Symbols and Figures

Visual Arts K

I. Elements of Art
A. Color
B. Line

II. Sculpture

III. Looking at and Talking about Works of Art


I. Elements of Music

II. Listening and Understanding

III. Songs

Mathematics K

I. Patterns and Classification

II. Numbers and Number Sense

III. Money

IV. Computation

V. Measurement

VI. Geometry

Science K

I. Plants and Plant Growth

II. Animals and Their Needs

III. The Human Body

IV. Introduction to Magnetism

V. Seasons and Weather

VI. Taking Care of the Earth

VII. Science Biographies