8TH-600x300English 8

I. Writing, Grammar, and Usage
A. Writing and Research
B. Speaking and Listening
C. Grammar
D. Spelling
E. Vocabulary

II. Poetry
A. Poems
B. Elements of Poetry

III. Fiction, Nonfiction, and Drama
A. Short Stories
B. Novels
C. Elements of Fiction
D. Essays and Speeches
E. Autobiography
F. Drama
G. Literary Terms

IV. Foreign Phrases Commonly Used in English

History and Geography 8

I. The Decline of European Colonialism
A. Breakup of the British Empire
B. Creation of the People’s Republic of China

II. The Cold War
A. Origins of the Cold War
B. The Korean War
C America in the Cold War

III. The Civil Rights Movement

IV. The Vietnam War and the Rise of Social Activism
A. The Vietnam War
B. Social and Environmental Activism

V. The Middle East and Oil Politics
A. History
B. Geography of the Middle East

VI. The End of the Cold War: The Expansion of Democracy and Continuing Challenges
A. The American Policy of Detente
B. Breakup of the USSR
C. China under Communism
D. Contemporary Europe
E. The End of Apartheid in South Africa

VII. Civics: The Constitution—Principles and Structure of

American Democracy

VIII. Geography of Canada and Mexico

Visual Arts 8

I. Art History: Periods and Schools
A. Painting Since World War II
B. Photography
C. 20th-Century Sculpture

II. Architecture Since the Industrial Revolution

Music 8

I. Elements of Music

II. Non-Western Music

III. Classical Music: Nationalists and Moderns
A. Music and National Identity
B. Modern Music

IV. Vocal Music
A. Opera
B. American Musical Theater

Mathematics 8

I. Algebra
A. Properties of the Real Numbers
B. Relations, Functions, and Graphs (Two Variables)
C. Linear Equations and Functions (Two Variables)
D. Arithmetic of Rational Expression
E. Quadratic Equations and Functions

II. Geometry
A. Analytic Geometry
B. Introduction to Trigonometry
C. Triangles and Proofs

Science 8

I. Physics
A Motion
B. Forces
C. Density and Buoyancy
D. Work
E. Energy
F. Power

II. Electricity and Magnetism

III. Electromagnetic Radiation and Light

IV. Sound Waves

V. Chemistry of Food and Respiration

VI. Science Biographies Writing, Grammar, and Usage