English 7

I. Writing, Grammar, and Usage
A. Writing and Research
B. Speaking and Listening
C. Grammar
D. Spelling
E. Vocabulary

II. Poetry
A. Poems
B. Elements of Poetry

III. Fiction, Nonfiction, and Drama
A Short Stories
B. Novels
C. Elements of Fiction
D. Essays and Speeches
E. Autobiography
F. Drama
G. Literary Terms

IV. Foreign Phrases Commonly Used in English

History and Geography 7

I. America Becomes a World Power

II. World War I: “The Great War,” 1914–1918
A. History
B. Geography of Western and Central Europe

III. The Russian Revolution
A. History
B. Geography

IV. America from the Twenties to the New Deal
A. America in the Twenties
B. The Great Depression
C. Roosevelt and the New Deal

V. World War II
A. The Rise of Totalitarianism in Europe
B. World War II in Europe and at Home, 1939–45
C. World War II in the Pacific, and the End of the War

VI. Geography of the United States

Visual Arts 7

I. Art History: Periods and Schools
A. Impressionism
B. Post-Impressionism
C. Expressionism and Abstraction
D. Modern American Painting

Music 7

I. Elements of Music

II. Classical Music: Romantics and Nationalists
A. Romantic Composers and Works
B. Music and National Identity

III. American Musical Traditions (Blues and Jazz)

Mathematics 7

I. Pre-Algebra
A. Properties of the Real Numbers
B. Linear Applications and Proportionality
C. Polynomial Arithmetic
D. Equivalent Equations and Inequalities
E. Integer Exponents

II. Geometry
A. Three-Dimensional Objects
B. Angle Pairs
C. Triangles
D. Measurement

III. Probability and Statistics


I. Atomic Structure

II. Chemical Bonds and Reactions

III. Cell Division and Genetics

IV. History of the Earth and Life Forms
A. Paleontology
B. Geologic Time

V. Evolution
A. Evolution
B. Natural Selection
C. Extinction and Seciation

VI. Science Biographies