English 6

I. Writing, Grammar, and Usage
A. Writing and Research
B. Speaking and Listening
C. Grammar and Usage
D. Spelling
E. Vocabulary

II. Poetry
A. Poems
B. Terms

III. Fiction and Drama
A. Stories
B. Drama
C. Classical Mythology
D. Literary Terms

IV. Sayings and Phrases

History and Geography 6


I. World Geography
A. Spatial Sense
B. Great Deserts of the World

II. Lasting Ideas from Ancient Civilizations
A. Judaism and Christianity
B. Ancient Greece
C. Ancient Rome

III. The Enlightenment

IV. The French Revolution

V. Romanticism

VI. Industrialism, Capitalism, and Socialism
A. The Industrial Revolution
B. Capitalism
C. Socialism

VII. Latin American Independence Movements
A. History
B. Geography of Latin America


I. Immigration, Industrialization, and Urbanization
A. Immigration
B. Industrialization and Urbanization

II. Reform

Visual Arts 6

I. Art History: Periods and Schools
A. Classical Art: The Art of Ancient Greece and Rome
B. Gothic Art
C. The Renaissance
D. Baroque
E. Rococo
F. Neoclassical
G. Romantic
H. Realism

Music 6

I. Elements of Music

II. Classical Music: From Baroque to Romantic
A. Baroque
B. Classical
C. Romantic

Mathematics 6

I. Numbers and Number Sense

II. Ratio, Percent, and Proportion
A. Ratio and Proportion
B. Percent

III. Computation
A. Addition
B. Multiplication
C. Division
D. Solving Problems and Equations

IV. Measurement

V. Geometry

VI. Probability and Statistics

VII. Pre-Algebra

Science 6

I. Plate Tectonics

II. Oceans

III. Astronomy: Gravity, Stars, and Galaxies

IV. Energy, Heat, and Energy Transfer
A. Energy
B. Heat
C. Physical Change: Energy Transfer

V. The Human Body: Lymphatic and Immune Systems

VI. Science Biographies