English 5

I. Writing, Grammar, and Usage
A. Writing and Research
B. Grammar and Usage
C. Vocabulary

II. Poetry
A. Poems
B. Terms

III. Fiction and Drama
A. Stories
B. Drama
C. Myths and Legends
D. Literary Terms

IV. Speeches

V. Sayings and Phrases

History and Geography 5


I. World Geography
A. Spatial Sense
B. Great Lakes of the World

II. Early American Civilizations
A. Geography
B. Maya, Aztec and Inca Civilizations
C. Spanish Conquerors

III. European Exploration, Trade, and the Clash of Cultures
A. Background
B. European Exploration, Trade, and Colonization
C. Trade and Slavery

IV. The Renaissance and the Reformation
A. The Renaissance
B. The Reformation

V. England from the Golden Age to the Glorious Revolution
A. England in the Golden Age
B. From the English Revolution to the Glorious Revolution

VI. Russia: Early Growth and Expansion
A. Geography
B. History and Culture

VII. Feudal Japan
A. Geography
B. History and Culture


I. Westward Expansion
A. Westward Expansion before the Civil War
B. Westward Expansion after the Civil War

II. The Civil War: Causes, Conflicts, Consequences
A. Toward the Civil War
B. The Civil War
C. Reconstruction

III. Native Americans: Cultures and Conflicts
A. Culture and Life
B. American Government Policies
C. Conflicts

IV. U. S. Geography

Visual Arts 5

I. Art of the Renaissance

II. American Art: Nineteenth-Century United States

III. Art of Japan

Music 5

I. Elements of Music

II. Listening and Understanding
A. Composers and Their Music
B. Musical Connections

III. American Musical Traditions (Spirituals)

IV. Songs

Mathematics 5

I. Numbers and Number Sense

II. Ratio and Percent
A. Ratio
B. Percent

III. Fractions and Decimals
A. Fractions
B. Decimals

IV. Computation
A. Addition
B. Multiplication
C. Division
D. Solving Problems and Equations

V. Measurement

VI. Geometry

VII. Probability and Statistics

VIII. Pre-Algebra

Science 5

I. Classifying Living Things

II. Cells: Structures and Processes

III. Plant Structures and Processes
A. Structure: Non-Vascular and Vascular Plants
B. Photosynthesis
C. Reproduction

IV. Life Cycles and Reproduction
A. The Life Cycle and Reproduction
B. Sexual Reproduction in Animals

V. The Human Body
A. Changes in Human Adolescence
B. The Endocrine System
C. The Reproductive System

VI. Chemistry: Matter and Change
A. Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds
B. Elements
C. Chemical and Physical Change

VII. Science Biographies