Language Arts 4

I. Writing, Grammar, and Usage
A. Writing and Research
B. Grammar and Usage

II. Poetry
A. Poems
B. Terms

III. Fiction
A. Stories
B. Myths and Mythical Characters
C. Literary Terms
IV. Speeches

V. Sayings and Phrases

History and Geography 4


I. World Geography
A. Spatial Sense
B. Mountains and Mountain Ranges

II. Europe in the Middle Ages
A. Geography Related to the Development of Western Europe
B. Background
C. Developments in History of the Christian Church
D. Feudalism
E. The Norman Conquest
F. Growth of Towns
G. England in the Middle Ages

III. The Spread of Islam and the “Holy Wars”
A. Islam
B. Development of Islamic Civilization
C. Wars Between Muslims and Christians

IV. Early and Medieval African Kingdoms
A. Geography of Africa
B. Early African Kingdoms
C. Medieval Kingdoms of the Sudan

V. China: Dynasties and Conquerors


I. The American Revolution
A. Background: The French and Indian War
B. Causes and Provocations
C. The Revolution

II. Making a Constitutional Government
A. Main Ideas Behind the Declaration of Independence
B. Making a New Government: From the Declaration to the Constitution
C. The Constitution of the United States
D. Levels and Functions of Government (National, State, Local)

III. Early Presidents and Politics

IV. Reformers

V. Symbols and Figures

Visual Arts 4

I. Art of the Middle Ages in Europe

II. Islamic Art and Architecture

III. The Art of Africa

IV. The Art of China

V. The Art of a New Nation: The United States

Music 4

I. Elements of Music

II. Listening and Understanding
A. The Orchestra
B. Vocal Ranges
C. Composers and Their Music
D. Musical Connections

III. Songs

Mathematics 4

I. Numbers and Number Sense

II. Fractions and Decimals
A. Fractions
B. Decimals

III. Money

IV. Computation
A. Multiplication
B. Division
C. Solving Problems and Equations
V. Measurement

VI. Geometry

Science 4

I. The Human Body
A. The Circulatory System
B. The Respiratory System

II. Chemistry: Basic Terms and Concepts
A. Atoms
B. Properties of Matter
C. Elements
D. Solutions

III. Electricity

IV. Geology: The Earth and Its Changes
A. The Earth’s Layers
B. How Mountains Are Formed
C. Rocks
D. Weathering and Erosion

V. Meteorology

VI. Science Biographies