Language Arts 2

I. Listening and Speaking
A. Classroom Discussion
B. Presentation of Ideas and Information
C. Comprehension and Discussion of Read-Alouds—All Texts
D. Comprehension and Discussion of Read-Alouds—Fiction, Drama, and Poetry
E. Comprehension and Discussion of Read-Alouds—Nonfiction and Informational Text

II. Reading
A. Phonics: Decoding and Encoding
B. Oral Reading and Fluency
C. Reading Comprehension—All Texts
D. Reading Comprehension—Fiction, Drama, and Poetry
E. Reading Comprehension—Nonfiction and Informational Text

III. Writing
A. Narrative Writing
B. Informative/Explanatory Writing
C. Persuasive Writing (Opinion)

IV. Language Conventions
A. Spelling
B. Parts of Speech and Sentence Structure
C. Capitalization and Punctuation

V. Poetry

VI. Fiction
A. Stories
B. Mythology of Ancient Greece
C. American Folk Heroes and Tall Tales
D. Literary Terms

VII. Sayings and Phrases

History and Geography 2


I. Geography
A. Spatial Sense
B. Geographical Terms and Features

II. Early Asian Civilizations
A. Geography of Asia
B. India
C. China

III. Modern Japanese Civilization
A. Geography
B. Culture

IV. The Ancient Greek Civilization


I. American Government: The Constitution

II. The War of 1812

III. Westward Expansion
A. Pioneers Head West
B. Native Americans

IV. The Civil War

V. Immigration and Citizenship

VI. Fighting for a Cause

VII. Geography of the Americas
A. North America
B. South America

VIII. Symbols and Figures

Visual Arts 2

I. Elements of Art

II. Sculpture

III. Kinds of Pictures: Landscapes

IV. Abstract Art

V. Architecture

Music 2

I. Elements of Music

II. Listening and Understanding
A. The Orchestra
B. Keyboard Instruments
C. Composers and Their Music

III. Songs

Mathematics 2

I. Numbers and Number Sense

II. Fractions

III. Money

IV. Computation
A. Addition
B. Subtraction
C. Introduction to Multiplication
D. Solving Problems and Equations

V. Measurement
A. Linear Measure
B. Weight
C. Capacity (Volume)
D. Temperature
E. Time

VI. Geometry

Science 2

I. Cycles in Nature
A. Seasonal Cycles
B. Life Cycles
C. The Water Cycle

II. Insects

III. The Human Body
A. Cells
B. Digestive and Excretory Systems
C. Taking Care of Your Body: A Healthy Diet

IV. Magnetism

V. Simple Machines

VI. Science Biographies