Language Arts 1

I. Listening and Speaking
A. Classroom Discussion
B. Presentation of Ideas and Information
C. Comprehension and Discussion of Read-Alouds—All Texts
D. Comprehension and Discussion of Read-Alouds—Fiction, Drama, and Poetry
E. Comprehension and Discussion of Read-Alouds—Nonfiction and Informational Text

II. Reading
A. Print Awareness
B. Phonemic Awareness
C. Phonics: Decoding and Encoding
D. Oral Reading and Fluency
E. Reading Comprehension—All Texts
F. Reading Comprehension—Fiction, Drama, and Poetry
G. Reading Comprehension—Nonfiction and Informational Text

III. Writing
A. Narrative Writing
B. Informative/Explanatory Writing
C. Persuasive Writing (Opinion)

IV. Language Conventions
A. Handwriting and Spelling
B. Parts of Speech and Sentence Structure
C. Capitalization and Punctuation

V. Poetry

VI. Fiction
A. Stories
B. Aesop’s Fables
C. Different Lands, Similar Stories
D. Literary Terms

VII. Sayings and Phrases

History and Geography 1


I. Geography
A. Spatial Sense
B. Geographical Terms and Features

II. Early World Civilizations
A. Mesopotamia: The “Cradle of Civilization”
B. Ancient Egypt
C. History of World Religions

III. Modern Civilization and Culture: Mexico
A. Geography
B. Culture


I. Early People and Civilizations
A. The Earliest People: Hunters and Nomads
B. Early American Civilizations

II. Early Exploration and Settlement
A. Columbus
B. The Conquistadors
C. English Settlers

III. From Colonies to Independence: The American Revolution

IV. Early Exploration of the American West

V. Symbols and Figures

Visual Arts 1

I. Art from Long Ago

II. Elements of Art
A. Color
B. Line
C. Shape
D. Texture

III. Kinds of Pictures: Portrait and Still Life

Music 1

I. Elements of Music

II. Listening and Understanding
A. Musical Terms and Concepts
B. Music Can Tell a Story
C. American Musical Traditions (Jazz)

III. Songs

Mathematics 1

I. Patterns and Classification

II. Numbers and Number Sense

III. Money

IV. Computation
A. Addition
B. Subtraction
C. Solving Problems and Equations

V. Measurement

VI. Geometry

Science 1

I. Living Things and Their Environments
A. Habitats
B. Oceans and Undersea Life
C. Environmental Change and Habitat Destruction
D. Special Classifications of Animals

II. The Human Body
A. Body Systems
B. Germs, Diseases, and Preventing Illness

III. Matter

IV. Properties of Matter: Measurement

V. Introduction to Electricity

VI. Astronomy

VII. The Earth
A. Geographical Features of the Earth’s Surface
B. What’s Inside the Earth

VIII. Science Biographies