August 20, 2015



Dear Parents/Guardians:




We would like to wish you and your family safe and sound after the Typhoon Soudelor. As the whole community of Saipan is still in the process of restoration, we decided to move the opening of the school year 2015-2016 on September 02, 2015 (Wednesday).

Things happen for a reason” – a common cliché we tell ourselves in times when life decides to punch us in the face. A calamity like this causing massive destruction would not have happened without any special reason behind it. What reason? We can only assume. Seeing how our community has acted together in solidarity during the past calamities, one can say that the reason’s the same – to unite us that has been divided into different languages and cultures. But why the one of the largest typhoon ever recorded in the history of CNMI?


Maybe God sent a bigger storm to prepare us for something greater. Maybe He needs us to stand closer than before as we continue to fight through the challenges we are facing. Maybe He’s telling us that it’s time to set aside our personal differences and our own agendas to bring out the real potential we possess as a community.


Thank you and welcome to School Year 2015 – 2016!





Best Regards,



Jener A. Pineda

Vice Principal